Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Clint!

It's my man's birthday today! To celebrate Clint's birthday some friends wanted to surprise him with dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I told Clint we were going out to dinner to celebrate his birthday, just us, but little did he know that eight of his friends were sitting at our table to join us for dinner. It really was a fun surprise for Clint and a great evening with good food and good company.

Our friend, Sarah, knows how much Clint "loves" applesauce jello and she made him his own applesauce jello cake, complete with a fire hazard of candles. So nice, thoughtful, and delicious. Thank you Sarah

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Sweet Surprise

While my parents were here for Christmas, I got to talking to my mom about the decorations she puts out for Christmas. I told her that ever since I was a child I always loved this little ceramic Christmas tree of hers that lights up. Something about it just made me smile and I remember always being excited when she placed it out every year. I loved that little tree.

I told my mom that when she passes away, I would love to inherit that Christmas tree. She just laughed and smiled.

Well, a few days ago I received a package in the mail from my mom with the words FRAGILE stamped all over the box. I had no clue what she could be sending. I opened the box and to my surprise there was the little ceramic Christmas tree. A note inside read, "I thrillingly give this tree to you. I would rather be alive and see the joy it brings to you."
My sweet, sweet mother. I love this little tree and I have left it on the counter for a week so I could enjoy it. This Christmas will be extra special when I pull the tree out and think of you. I love you mom!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

I always love it when a new year comes around. It gives me great expectations for the upcoming year and a good feeling of a fresh start. The start of a new year, for me, is a time to set new goals, evaluate, and try to do and be a little better. I just know 2010 is going to be a good one!

Although I feel that way, the year got off to a rocky start. I decided to ring in the new year with the stomach flu that lasted about 3 days. It hit everyone in the family, except for Clint. Lucky him. :) We were celebrating with my sister and her in-laws on New Year's Eve and had to leave the party early. Let me just say I was bowing to the porcelain god all night.

Anywho, I thoroughly enjoyed the healthy times I had with my sweet sister, Diana. She lives in North Carolina, and so our visits are very sparse.

While I was on my deathbed, or so I felt, Clint took the kids sledding. How lucky are we to live by such a fabulous sledding hill. I keep telling Clint we need to set up some sort of pulley system to pull people up the hill quickly. That slope is a pain to climb!

Do you have any New Year's resolutions for 2010?